[ENG] Trieste Calling the Boss 2017

[ENG] Trieste Calling the Boss 2017

The “Trieste Calling the Boss” is a festival born to celebrate the arrival of the star Bruce Springsteen in Triest in 2012 and it takes place once a year and every year there are always more artists and news: 5 days of music and special events with Boss’ fan from all Italy and abroad!
Rock, Blues, folk, gospel and a lot of Bruce’s Music! We have got everything in this edition that is going to break a record and it will take place in Triest from April 27th to May 1st.

Join the party!



Thursday, 27/04/17

“Come on, we gotta keep on dreaming”

The sixth edition of “Trieste Calling the boss will be inaugurated in a brand new location: the Serra Hub in via Economo, a new reality but yet a reference point for live music in the city. The night will have a clear folk and songwriter mood with a first set dedicated to personal remakes of Bruce Springsteen songs and then we will move on to rock and rockabilly with Daniele Stallone & His Loud Roll Shuffle for the grand finale.

H. 20.30 @ Serra HUB, Via Economo 12/1 Trieste



ACOUSTIC BOSS – tribute set

a few artists will play some Bruce Springsteen’s songs




Band founded in 2010 by Daniele Stallone and Norby Violano with more than 100 live concerts experience in Europe and in America, they bring to life again the 50s sound through the great hits of that time and their own original songs in that same style. In 2014 they won European “Rockabilly Rumble in Pullman City” contest so they got the chance to play as oversea guests at Rockabilly Rumble in Philadelphia. In 2016 they released “Endless Wanderer” a 13 tracks concept album on leaving all behind and start again. So get ready for a final from the 50s sound, with blues and country influences, to the funky elaborate vivaciousness of the 70s.




Friday 28th April 2017

“Come on, we gotta keep the fire burning”

The second night will be definitely more rock, with a touch of hard and blues. Three bands form Triest are going to warm up well the public, and then they will leave the stage to Miami & and the Groovers from Rimini, yet long time idols, and to the return in Triest of the Bill Toms Band after a great concert in Piazza Verdi two years ago, an artist who shared the stage with Bruce Sprigsteen in New Jersey and recalls his mood thanks to the wonderful sound of the sax player Phil Brontz.


H 20.30 @Teatro Miela – Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3, Triest



a few artists will play some Bruce Springsteen’s songs



– MIAMI & THE GROOVERS (from Rimini)

Emilia Romagna is the cradle of many definitely rock artist and bands, and among these we found the Miami and the Groovers, one of the most loved and followed indie rock band in Italy. Founded in 2000 by Lorenzo Semprini, leader, songwriter and singer, they released four studio album (“Dirty Roads” 2005, “Merry go round” 2008, “Good things” 2012, “The Ghost King” 2015), one box live cd/dvd (“No way back” 2013), two ep (“Are you ready?” 2008, “Biancorosso” 2011), getting really good reviews and a good number of passionate fans. The bluesy mood of Alessio Raffaelli ( piano and accordion) guitars by Boris Casadei, the solid rhythm of Marco Ferri ( drums), together with the voice, the squeezebox and the guitar of Lorenzo Semprini will offer an explosive live mix.

– BILL TOMS (from USA)

It is difficult to find on the American East Coast a more powerful and sharp rock band than the Bill Toms’ one. Former guitarist in the Houserockers (historical band of Joe Grushecky who often played with Bruce Springsteen). Bill Toms comes back loudly to Triest (after July 2015 in Piazza Verdi) with his mix of soul blues and foundry rock. His shows are full of enthusiasm and passion, together with his friend Phil Brontz at the sax, but also with two frim columns of his Italian and European experiences: Simone Masina at the basses and Antonio Perugini at the drums. Toms is a real frontman, honest and fully dedicated to his art. It is difficult to go home from his show without a smile on the face.




Saturday 29th April 2017

“Come on, we gotta keep the light burning”

The most old school rock’n’roll night: two points of reference of the Italian rock/blues history will step up on Miela Theatre the stage: Graziano Romani with the world premiere of his new album Soul Cusader Again: the songs of Bruce Springsteen and Fabio Treves who will travel through 40 years of his career. To open the show Frank Get from Triest and Anthony Basso from Friuli in a original acustic duo.


H 20.30 @Teatro Miela – Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3, Triest



– GRAZIANO ROMANI & BAND (from Reggio Emilia)

Rock songwriter from Casalgrande is renowned from the 90s as “absolutely best rock & soul voice
In the Italian musical scene”. Leader, voice and founder of the Rocking Chairs, he released 22 album totally, including the latest “Soul Crusader Again: the songs of Bruce Springsteen”, a new chapter in which he arranged in soul version the most hidden gems in the Boss’ discography and that he will offer in offer in world premier just at Miela Theatre. Graziano, besides working with Megajam 5, Souldrivers su tutte, and “Il Gruppo Misterioso “ with Elio e le Storie Tese , has been one of the rare Italian artists of this branch to get real trust abroad, even sharing the stage with Willy Deville and Ian Anderson. In 1987 he was the first Italian to record a Bruce Sprigsteen cover (“Restless Night”), the only European artist to be present in both Bruce world tribute and the absolutely first to dedicate a whole album to his colleague from Freehold ( “Soul Crusader”, 2001)

– TREVES BLUES BAND (from Milano)

Fabio Treves, known as “the Lambrate Puma”, from 1974 travelled all over Italy and the world to raise the flag of Italian Blues. He worked with many blues legends as come Chuck Leavell, Mike Bloomfield, Roy Rogers, Dave Kelly, Willy DeVille, John Popper, Warren Haynes e many others and he has been the only Italian artist to have played with the great genius Frank Zappa. In 2014 TBB celebrated his 40 years with a tour in theatres ended up in Auditorium in Milan in front of more than 1000 spectators, a real musical event enhanced by the participation of musician friends of the Puma, such as Eugenio Finardi, Stef Burns, members of the Elio e le Storie Tese band and Paola Folly. His picture appeared in the Rolling Stones magazine in February 2015 entitled “the 100 faces of Italian music.” The same year la TBB supported the Deep Purple in their Italian Tour and outstanding openers in Bruce Springsteen concert in Circo Massimo, Rome 16th July.




Sunday 30th April 2017

“i wanna see you smile”

During the afternoon the second edition of C’mon rise up, the suggestive and moving event inside a church with a gospel choir accompanying artist on rock music. In the night, time for the tribute band that this year will see the return of the Sringsteen Band from Turin, and with them the youngest Mons from Turin, and the local Idol Brazos Black Suit Trio.



H. 20.30 Ausonia Beach Club, Riva Traiana 2, Trieste

Mandatory drink 7 euro
Free entry between from 20 to 20.20




A tribute band from Turin made of eight elements of high visual and sound impact, a voice that recalls the 70s Springsteen. A piano and a Hammond do justice to the atmosphere created by the E-Street Band. Rhythm session made by bass and drums are the beating heart of the Boss Rock. Three guitars alternate in sensational solos with finesse and maniacal research of the perfect sound. A tenor sax remembers both for dimension and tone Clarence Clemons of the 70s/80s. They had the honor to play with Vini Lopez, the first drummer of the E-Street Band! There is no best way to go back with the mind and body to great live concerts of Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band: they will play indeed, integrally and following the track list the album “Born to Run” of 1975 and “Born in the USA” of 1985, together with other historical songs.




Monday 1st May 2017

“Come on dream on, dream baby dream”

Ending day in great style: food and music! And what a music: the first of May grill by the sea will accompany a real festival inside the festival, local artist of national importance will create the perfect musical score. Because in the Trieste Calling the Boss every day you have great surprises!

H. 12.00 Ausonia Beach Club, Riva Traiana 2, Trieste




Saturday 28th April 2017 – TEATRO MIELA

TRIESTE IS ROCK members: pre-sale € 5,00, full price €8,00
Not Members: € 8,00
SPECIAL OFFER UNDER 25: for those who were borned from 01/01/1992 € 3,00 until h. 20.45. Sold only at theater’s ticket office.

Saturday 29th April 2017 – TEATRO MIELA

TRIESTE IS ROCK members: pre-sale € 10,00 , full price € 12,00
Not Members: € 12,00

Sunday 30th April 2017- CHIESA EVANGELICA

Not Members: € 14,00

Sunday 30th April 2017- AUSONIA BEACH CLUB

Mandatory drink 7 euro
Free entry between from 20 to 20.20

Monday 1st of May:

Until h. 15: entrance reserved only for those who have lunch:
– Meat Grill: mixed meat + dessert + beer 0,40: € 20
– Vegetarian Grill: grilled vegetables + omlette + dessert beer 0,40: € 20
– Baby Grill: cevapcici + French fries + soft drink: € 12,00

Reservation Recommended to have guarantee a place: Associazione.tsrock@gmail.com

After h 15.00: free entry



  • Trieste is Rock offices via Crosada 3, Trieste (Monday and Thursday 17.00-19.00 Tuesday 11.00-12.00)
  • Ticketpoint Corso Italia 6/c Trieste


Only for concert in Teatro Miela:

  • Radioattività: via campo marzio 6, Trieste
  • Miela Ticket Office
  • online:  www.vivaticket.it
I protagonisti 2017: The Wooden Brothers

I protagonisti 2017: The Wooden Brothers

Lo sappiamo che sentivate la mancanza dei nostri annunci, abituati al ritmo degli scorsi mesi! Quindi proseguiamo con gli ultimi colpi in canna:


I Wooden Brothers nascono a Torino nell’autunno del 2014 da un’idea di Renato Tammi e Antonio Tedde, che oltre ad essere amici di lunga data suonano insieme in parecchie tribute band, ormai presenti da diversi anni nel panorama italiano, che spaziano da Bruce Springsteen, ai Rolling Stones. Il progetto Wooden Brothers si discosta però dall’idea di cover band, l’intenzione principale è infatti la proposta di materiale inedito, brani personali che si potrebbero definire Folk’n’Roll, difficili però da incasellare in un genere poiché le influenze oltre ad essere spiccatamente folk hanno derive blues, ma c’è anche molto del country e del rock’n’roll.
A settembre 2016 è arrivato l’esordio discografico con un disco composto esclusivamente da canzoni scritte e arrangiate dai membri della band col supporto dell’etichetta indipendente GoodLuck Factory.

  • DOVE LI VEDREMO: Stabilimento Balneare Ausonia, Trieste
  • QUANDO: lunedì 01 maggio





I protagonisti 2017: Nashville & Backbones

I protagonisti 2017: Nashville & Backbones

Non ci fermiamo più! Altro giro, altra corsa … altro annuncio! Il Trieste Calling the Boss sarà quello dei record per numero di band e artisti impegnati nella manifestazione, mai negli scorsi 5 anni siamo arrivati a questi numeri … oggi quindi vi annunciamo:


Attivi fin dal 1998, prima come duo, poi come Nashville Trio, ampliano ulteriormente la formazione nel 2011 quando decidono di entrare in studio per registrare il primo album di inediti (Haul In The Nets), assumendo l’attuale nome definitivo.

Le origini del loro sound sono nella west coast americana, quella di artisti come Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, America, CSN&Y. Ma non si ferma lì. Radici nel passato e sguardo al futuro, per un folk/country dalle forti tinte pop e rock, senza mai rinunciare alla sperimentazione e alla contaminazione.

L’ormai lunga e consolidata esperienza live li rende una delle band più interessanti da vedere dal vivo; nei loro concerti c’è spazio per il divertimento fine a se stesso così come per un ascolto più attento alle sfumature e ai colori cangianti.

  • DOVE LI VEDREMO: Stabilimento Balneare Ausonia, Trieste
  • QUANDO: lunedì 01 maggio




I protagonisti 2017: Francesco Piu

I protagonisti 2017: Francesco Piu

Pensavate che avevamo finito le sorprese per voi? Ma con il Trieste Calling the Boss  bisogna sempre stare all’erta, perchè gli annunci possono arrivare da un momento all’altro, come adesso:


Il futuro del blues italiano arriva dalla Sardegna. Questo giovane chitarrista autodidatta, armonicista e cantante, presentandosi in versione solitaria ha già saputo stupire gli spettatori di festival prestigiosi quali l’International Blues Challenge di Memphis e il Pistoia Blues. Ha aperto per il padre del british blues John Mayall e duettato con un’artista del calibro di Tommy Emmanuel.
Una miscela esplosiva di blues, funky e soul in chiave acustica, questa la formula magica del sound di Francesco Piu, un prodigioso one man band che viene definito dalla rivista Guitar Club ”una vera e propria forza della natura!” e che a Trieste si presenterà con il suo trio!

Accompagnando la propria voce con strumenti quali chitarra acustica, dobro, weissenborn, banjo, lap steel e armonica, questo bluesman sardo si è ritagliato uno spazio di rilievo nel panorama del blues italiano ed internazionale.

Ha Partecipato ai più importanti festival del genere (IBC Memphis, Blues to Bop, Pistoia Blues, Narcao Blues, Blues en Bourgogne, Trasimeno Blues, Magic Blues, Santa Blues de Tenerife, Blues au Chateau, Salaise Blues, Rootsway per citarne alcuni) ed ha aperto anche concerti per grandi artisti quali Jimmie Vaughan, Robert Cray, Johnny Winter, John Mayall, Charlie Musselwhite, The Derek Trucks Band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Sonny Landreth, Joe Bonamassa, Larry Carlton e calcato il palco con artisti del calibro di Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Bibb, Roy Rogers, Guy Davis, Sandra Hall, Kevin Welch, Andy J.Forest, Watermelon Slim, Fabio Treves, Davide Van De Sfroos, Sugar Blue, Eugenio Finardi e molti altri.

  • DOVE LI VEDREMO: Stabilimento Balneare Ausonia, Trieste
  • QUANDO: lunedì 01 maggio



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